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I’m working on setting up Tyk and we found that we would like to try to integrate with it through its REST API. I did not see any Java client implementations on my quick Google search so we started putting together a Java client. It’s on GitHub at GitHub - jzonthemtn/tyk-java-client: Java client for Tyk API Gateway. It’s by no means finished (and hasn’t been tested or tried the slightest bit yet) but I thought I’d let the community know in case there is any interest in it. Any contributions via pull requests are welcome! We’ll hopefully get it fully functional in the coming weeks.


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Date:Tuesday, 28 July 2015 06:13:16 UTC+1.

Hi Jeff,

Amazing - thank you very much for your help - we’ve been wanting to build out a set ofclient libraries for quite some time and have never managed to find the time!

Will definitely take a look and also point others this way so it gets some attention :slight_smile:


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Hi Martin,

Glad to help! I’ll let the group know when I think it is ready for use.


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