Tyk is using old newrelic agent

hi , Tyk is using v2.13.0+incompatible(old) newrelic agent its 23 version behind that v3.23.1, how can we update this ? same like APP name ENV can we get an ENV for version as well

Note : - we are using Tyk v5.0.7

@Olu please help with this, we need some steps to upgrade this

I will ask this internally.

An alternative to using the new relic gateway settings would be to upgrade to v5.2.0 and use otel.

I don’t think you can upgrade this unless you build a custom version of the gateway.

hi @Swamy_M_S, I would also recommend to upgrade Tyk Gateway v5.2.0 (or higher) and use OpenTelemetry with New Relic: OpenTelemetry With New Relic.

In the future we might deprecate support for the New Relic Agent - and only support OpenTelemetry as the vendor neutral way to instrument and export telemetry data. New Relic already support it seamlessly.

Here is an example:

Hope this helps,