Tyk Hybrid Statistics

When using the Tyk Hybrid setup, does this disable the dashboard usage stats on the homepage? I am no longer seeing stats tracked.

No it shouldn’t. But we’ve introduced a cache which may delay you seeing up-to the minute results in dashboard by 10 to 15 minutes.

I am definitely using the proxy and getting data so my endpoints are working. I am not seeing usage statistics on the dashboard of my cloud account though.

Hmmm that’s a little odd. Have you tried restarting the container?

What is the API name in question? I can check it directly.

The api name is amp_api.

Hi Justin,

Looks like there may be something up, we do see data coming in, but the last ping was two hours ago.

The Hybrid data purger fails noiselessly, so something may have happened and it slipped our attention.

We’ve pushed a container update that should address this - you’ll need to re-run the start.sh command (it will stop the current container, download a the update and then restart).

Let me know if that helps - remember there’s a cache on data in dashboard, so it won’t be instant.

Many thanks,