Tyk Helm-Chart Release v0.14.1

Hello Tyk Community! :wave:

Helm Chart v0.14.1 has been released today! Here are the details:

v0.14.1 fixed a number of issues for Enterprise Developer Portal. We have added support for SQLite deployment with persistent volume. The initialDelaySeconds for enterprise portal probes has been increased to 60s to allow enough time for the pod to startup. The dashboard service name is also fixed.

What’s Changed?
Tyk Open Source (tyk-headless)

  • Fixed mount path for Policies

Tyk Self Managed (tyk-pro)

  • Added a SQLite persistent volume to enable enterprise portal to be installed or configured with SQLite.


  • Fixed dashboard service name in enterprise portal statefulset so that enterprise portal can connect correctly to Tyk Dashboard.
  • Fixed typo of bootstrapJobName from bootsrap-post-install to bootstrap-post-install
  • Fixed enterprise portal secret name in pre-delete hook so that the enterprise portal secret could be successfully deleted by helm uninstall


  • Updated the enterprise portal default initialDelaySeconds for liveness and readiness probes to 60s to allow enough time for pod startup. This value is configurable at .Values.enterprisePortal.livenessProbe.initialDelaySeconds and .Values.enterprisePortal.readinessProbe.initialDelaySeconds

:memo: Installation/Upgrade instructions
Follow the guide outlined in our Github page or our documentation

:speech_balloon: Feedback
Still seeing issues in our Helm Charts? Please visit our Github repo and submit a ticket - our Engineers will be more than happy to help!

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