Tyk Gateway Version 2.3.3


Tyk gateway v2.3.3 has been released, this version is a patch update and fully backwards compatible with other 2.3 releases. We recommend upgrading to this version for improved stability:

This version will work with the latest version of Tyk Dashboard, no changes are required.

Changelog for v2.3.3

  • Fixed a bug which could crash hybrid gateways if MDCB returned a nil object
  • Modified hot reload behaviour to be more robust, addresses potential memory leak
  • Redis reconnect and connect logic has been updated for better handling


Hi Martin,

I just had an -accidential upgrade- and with that some points of improvement. :slight_smile:

Tyk seems to always choose the config file in the tyk install directory (in our case /opt/tyk-gateway)
I have an /etc/tyk folder which holds the config files (I’m used to Ubuntu)
I always make a symlink back to this folder.
Where should I put the config in order for it to survive an upgrade?

Kindof the same thing is for the tyk-gateway.service file, iv’e now symlinked it instead of copying it but I’m affraid I’ll loose the symlink next time I upgrade.
I don’t like the way systemd manages this, but that’s no feedback for you guys.




Hi Eric,

Yes the package will overwrite your tyk.conf, this is something we will be changing in a future version, we need to make sure our packagers treat the conf files as config files so they are protected.

For the moment, the symlink is safest, you might need to re-create it after the upgrade though.