Tyk Gateway v2.5, Dashboard v1.5 and more

Today we are releasing Tyk Gateway v2.5, Dashboard v1.5, Pump v0.5, MDCB v1.5, and TIB v0.3.

This release brings a rejuvenated look-and-feel for the Dashboard, and some new key features such as MDCB support for Tyk Pump, TIB integration with OpenID providers for SSO, and Advanced URL rewriting functionality.

Head on over to the release notes //tyk.io/docs/product-stack/tyk-gateway/release-notes/archived-releases/version-2.5/ to find out more about all the goodies being released.


Cool.Itching to get hands-on.
Pump v0.6 or v0.5 ?
Please update when docker version would be available.

Fixed the typo, Pump v0.5. Docker also available :ok_hand: