Tyk Gateway v2.3.7 and Tyk Dashboard v1.3.7

The new release is coming to the town!
Bugfixes and small but important improvements.

Tyk Gateway v2.3.7

Tyk Dashboard v1.3.7

  • Added config_data field to API designer user interface
  • Updated Swagger documentation to support latest specification changes
  • Added option to allow admin users reset password without additional permissions security.allow_admin_reset_password

MDCB v1.3.0

  • Added support for secure TLS connections with Gateway
  • Improved Gateway authentification mechanism to fix hot reload issues


New gateway version v2.3.7 require MDCB v1.3.0, thus MDCB should be upgraded first.

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Where is the “config_data” section in the API designer in dashboard 1.3.7.

I am not seeing it when in “API Designer - Edit API” mode under any of the tabs/sections

You may need to clear cache / hard reload

It’s at the bottom of the Advanced Options tab:

Got it, dumped cache. All good

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Is the new release be updated to the latest docker image in docker hub?

All the docker images should be up to date. Try to pull it one more time with cache disabled.

Got the latest, and running fine. Thank you all~