Tyk Gateway v2.2.0.3 released

Hi Everyone,

This morning we pushed version of the Tyk Gateway, this update is a patch to address concurrency and scalability issues in the OpenID Connect handler, it also introduces some incremental features that were deemed useful to bundle with the release:

  • Context Data now includes JWT Claims, claims are added as individual keys as $tyk_context.jwt_claims_CLAIMNAME.
  • Meta data is now available to the URL Rewriter (for e.g. to inject a custom querystring for key holders.) i.e. $tyk_meta.VARIABLE_NAME
  • New Gateway API to invalidate a cache for an API: DELETE /tyk/cache/{api-id}
  • Host-based URL Rewrites: It is now possible to rewrite a URL with a new host and have the host act as an override to any target settings that are in the API Definition
  • Added more remote logger support: Graylog, Syslog and Logstash

The changes are not yet fully documented, but will appear in due course on our documentation site, if you have any questions about the above please let us know.

The new release is available via our packagecloud repositories.

This update is fully compatible with version 1.2 of the dashboard.


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