Tyk gateway - File download: special characters issue

Hi Team,

Our application has a separate Frontend & backend. We have a file download feature where the frontend requests backend for file.

When we introduce Tyk api gateway between the frontend & backend, we face a problem. The file contains specials characters which get corrupted.

Below screenshot shows the intercepted request between the frontend & tyk. The filename in this case contains special characters:

My tyk middleware js script simply makes a request to the backend & returns the response.

Is there any way in tyk where I can specify any encoding within tyk? Any other pointers would be helpful. Thanks.

Environment details:
Running tyk in a Ubuntu machine.
Tyk version: v2.8.4/v2.8.1


This is still a blocker for us. Any pointers would be appreciated. Do let me know if you need any other details. Thanks.