Tyk gateway clustering without Dashboard

We don’t currently plan to utilize the dashboard and we are using Kubernetes to manage the infrastructure. Can multiple Tyk gateways be used with the same Resdis cluster without the dashboard? Kubernetes is providing service discovery and load balancing via it’s ingress and service features. We will be operating with static configs. When we need to change them, we will build a new docker and let Kubenetes do a rolling upgrade. Kubernetes also provides elastic scaling and auto-restarts if processes die. Is there any thing that will break for clustering if we don’t use the Tyk Daskboard?

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That should work fine if you are all file-based, so long as all gateways can see Redis you should be ok to rolling restart then or host reload them as needed.

Hi, I’ve started to work on a Kubernetes-based Tyk setup guide, any feedback is appreciated!