Tyk Gateway 2.9.4, Tyk Dashboard 1.9.4, Tyk Pump 0.8.5, Tyk MDCB 1.7.3

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The keys that we use to sign our RPM packages have changed. This means that those of you who ask rpm to verify these keys will have to update the key. The documentation is at https://tyk.io/docs/getting-started/installation/with-tyk-on-premises/redhat-rhel-centos/gateway/#step-2-create-tyk-gateway-repository-configuration and for your reference the new key is
The old key (http://keyserver.tyk.io/tyk.io.rpm.signing.key) will remain accessible for now but this is not guaranteed.

As part of this, we have started to origin-sign our Debian packages. Please see https://tyk.io/docs/getting-started/installation/with-tyk-on-premises/on-ubuntu/gateway/ for more.

Tyk Gateway 2.9.4

  • Added support for ECDSA certificates for JWT and OpenID middleware #2790
  • Added OAuth revocation API endpoints: both single token and all tokens generated by single client. See /tyk/oauth/revoke and /tyk/oauth/revoke_all endpoints https://tyk.io/docs/tyk-gateway-api/
  • Cache plugin now can use HTTP headers as part of the cache key, using new cache.cache_by_headers string array field #2753
  • Whitelist/blacklist ignore option now can be configured on global or API level via ignore_endpoint_case boolean option.
  • Added a way to override Tyk built-in error codes and messages. At the moment this is only for Auth token and oAuth functionality. Added a new Gateway configuration field override messages . See examples here #2927 https://tyk.io/docs/tyk-configuration-reference/tyk-gateway-configuration-options/#override_messages
  • Fixed issues with JWKs certificate format #2790
  • Fixed distributed rate limiter, wrongly switching to the Redis algorithm #2928
  • Fixed URL rewrite usage with gRPC/Python plugins #2922
  • JSON validation plugin now can be used with Rich plugins #2913
  • Fix strip authorisation functionality https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk-analytics/issues/1683
  • Fixed memory leak when using Python plugins #2894
  • Fixed stripping listen path when using request singing functionality #2779
  • Fixed OAuth flow when generating a token using custom key rules with metadata #2724
  • Fixed issues with Gateway registration during Dashboard license upgrade https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk-analytics/issues/1706
  • Plugin bundle download URL now respect query string #2874
  • Fixed issue caching Cache plugin to duplicated responses when upstream is down #2832
  • Fixed memory reload happening during API reload #2831
  • Fixed storage expiration time, not working correctly on high traffic #2805
  • Fixed uptime tests issues when in some cases traffic is still get proxied when the host is down https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk/issues/2839

Tyk Dashboard 1.9.4

Tyk Pump 0.8.5

  • Improved resilience: now failure or performance issues of the one pump, it should not now affect other pumps. TykTechnologies/tyk-pump#185
  • Added AWS DocumentDB support, and additional related options to control TLS configuration. More here.
  • Increase ElasticSearch pump performance by using batch API TykTechnologies/tyk-pump#204
  • Now you can configure health check endpoint using health_check_endpoint_name and health_check_endpoint_port config options. TykTechnologies/tyk-pump#111. More here

Tyk MDCB 1.7.3

  • Added support for passing OAuth token revocation event to the slave datacenters.