Tyk Gateway 2.9.1, Tyk Dashboard 1.9.1, Tyk Pump 0.8.1

Tyk Gateway 2.9.1

Tyk Dashboard 2.9.1

  • Allow creating keys with public certificates inside portal and developer admin
  • Added new event for Key request rejection
  • Send email to Catalogue Owner, Admin if Key Request rejected
  • Send email to Developer when Key request is rejected and Key is deleted
  • Extend and key request notifications emails to add List of APIs, API auth type and developer information.
  • Analytics API extended to return upstream latency information
  • Added last login data for portal developers and users
  • Fixed approval for Portal multi-selection key requests
  • Fixed validation for oAuth redirect-url on the Developer page
  • Fixed oAuth analytics filtering by API ID when aggregate_logs are enabled
  • Fixed using oAuth mixed policy (with auth token APIs) when creating new Oauth client
  • Fixed Certificate search returned incorrect URL

Tyk Pump 0.8.1

  • Add support for processing upstream latency information:
    New fields in Aggregate Analytics Counter:
    max_upstream_latency: Records maximum upstream latency
    min_upstream_latency: Records minimum upstream latency
    total_upstream_latency: Records total upstream latency
    max_latency: Records maximum end-to-end latency
    min_latency: Records minimum end-to-end latency
    total_latency: Records total end-to-end latency
    latency: Avg latency
    upstream_latency: Avg upstream latency

It’s worth noting that when we updated, we noticed a few settings on existing APIs were changed.

  • Open (Keyless) was changed to Custom authentication (Python, CoProcess, and JSVM plugins)
  • Custom authenticvation (Plugin) was changed to Authentication Token
  • Advanced URL rewrite “match” was changed to “not match”

Advanced URL rewrite “match” was changed to “not match”

Actually, it seems like this is a bug in 1.9.1 dashboard as opposed to a bug in the upgrade process. Whenever saving/updating an API that has advanced rewrite, the “match” value is lost and it defaults to “not match”.

https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk/issues/2647 opened for the API update issue.