Tyk Gateway 2.8.4, Tyk Dashboard 1.8.4, Tyk Pump 0.7.1

Tyk Gateway 2.8.4

  • Fix formatting of JSON Schema validation messages
  • Fix redirects inside JSVM plugins
  • Fix JSVM TykMakeHttpRequest to pass queries string variables for GET requests
  • Fix work with URLs which contain / literal as part of URL part
  • Fix using global timeout option for Service discovery
  • Fix when body transform plugin used together with JSON schema validation
  • Fix panic if service discovery returns malformed JSON
  • OAuth token generation endpoint now supports JSON format (if you pass proper Content-Type)

Tyk Dashboard 1.8.4

  • Add a way to view key hash on key form
  • Fix API and Key error breakdown reports
  • Fix support for Mongo 3.2
  • Fix passing SMTPAddress via ENV variables: added new SMTPPort variable to avoid using : character
  • Respect API Version character case
  • Improve validation of Key form
  • Add custom fields option to the developer screen

Tyk Pump 0.7.1

  • Fix analytics per API
  • Improve performance of InfluxDB pump by using batch writes