Tyk Gateway 2.8.2 and Tyk Dashboard 1.8.2

Tyk Gateway 2.8.2

  • Added xmlMarshal body transform template function
  • Notify developers about quota usage threshold. Require monitor to be configured, and Dashboard 1.8.2
  • Added way to specify default JWT policy IDs via jwt_default_policies field in API spec. Now it allows cases when you can’t modify JWT token.
  • Fixed policy change propagation for deleted APIs
  • Improve performance by not running profiling code if instrumentation not enabled
  • Fix body compression error if cache is used

Tyk Dashboard 1.8.2

  • Added way to specify granular access to API and related objects, by specifying list of user or user group owners on API screen. To turn on set enabled_ownersip too true
  • Now you can specify notifications email on portal and catalogues levels. Support multiple emails separated by comma.
  • Show link to raw swagger file when
  • Fix SSO display name handling when First and Last name is blank
  • Fix audit for key update and logout events
  • Fix password notifications “from” address. Now it should use portal settings.