Tyk Gateway 2.7.7 and Tyk Dashboard 1.7.6


Tyk Gateway 2.7.7:

  • Handle Redis timeouts. Configurable via storage.timeout.
  • Fix Redis initialization if event handlers are defined in tyk.conf
  • Fix requests with Content-Type application/x-www-form-urlencoded when JSVM plugins are used
  • Cache failed org keys lookups for MDCB installations

Tyk Dashboard 1.7.6:

  • Handle Redis timeout. Configurable via redis_timeout.
  • Fix reset cache functionality, when Gateway use a self-signed certificate
  • Allow existing dashboard users during SSO lookup. Set sso_enable_user_lookup to true enable.
  • Fix event handler duplication
  • Content Security Policy support. To enable, set security.enable_content_security_policy to true and extend security.allowed_content_sources with list of allowed sources (space separated string).
  • Fix saving event handlers
  • Fixed hashed key removal
  • Fixed UI for service discovery
  • Fixed oAuth analytics endpoint
  • By default, for charts, show number of requests instead of latency