Tyk Gateway 2.7.5 and Tyk Dashboard 1.7.4

Tyk Gateway 2.7.5

  • Allow dynamic certificate loading for APIs with custom domains. Added new API definition field certificates, which is a string array, accepting certificate IDs or certificate paths. Once set, Gateway will dynamically load certificates, without restarting the process.
  • HMAC plugin now support all of the following algorithms: “hmac-sha1", “hmac-sha256”, “hmac-sha384”, "hmac-sha512”. You can limit supported algorithms by setting new API definition variable: ”hmac_allowed_algorithms”: [“hmac-sha256”].
  • Fix using body transforms and virtual endpoints when method transformation is used
  • Allow body transforms, e.g. template, if request or response body is empty
  • Fix endpoints which path conflicts with API listen path
  • Advanced URL rewriter now support matching by request context, via new request_context_matches field. Can be used for matching by IP, or JWT scope.
  • Fix handling of URL rewrites based on dynamic values, which are empty.
  • Add way to disable stripping slash suffix from URL using proxy.disable_strip_slash API definition boolean variable.
  • Fix basic auth keys when new hashing algorithm set
  • Fix logstash reconnection handling
  • Add way to re-name /hello endpoint via health_check_endpoint_name option.
  • HTTP clients who close the connection without reading response now marked with 499 HTTP code in analytics.
  • Enforce timeout plugin now returns 504 code instead of 408
  • Use murmur64 inside basic auth middleware to avoid collisions
  • Fix host checker bug when it enables host before it went live.

Tyk Dashboard 1.7.4

  • Add support for specifying certificates for custom domains
  • Added support for URL rewrites based on context
  • Allow existing Dashboard user lookup during SSO flow. Can be enabled with sso_enable_user_lookup boolean option.
  • Fix key search by user name when custom hashing algorithm is used
  • Dashboard bootstrap script now supports both Python 2 and 3
  • Fix passwords with ‘\’ characters
  • Fix corruption of API version names when updating webhooks
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