Tyk Gateway 2.7.2, Tyk Dashboard 1.7.2, Tyk Pump 0.5.4, Tyk MDCB 1.5.7

Tyk Gateway 2.7.2

  • Added support for Redis 4 Clustering
  • JWT clock skew made configurable using jwt_issued_at_validation_skew,jwt_expires_at_validation_skew and jwt_not_before_validation_skew API definition variables (values specified in seconds)
  • Use JWT exp scope for session expiration, fallback to policy if not present
  • During rewrites with dynamic values, like metadata or context, if key not found, value will be empty instead of metadata or context placeholder
  • TLS renegotiation now supported by default, by you can turn it off using proxy_ssl_disable_renegotiation tyk.conf boolean option
  • Fix crash when JSVM is disabled, but JSVM bundle is specified for API
  • Issue warning on boot when secrets are default
  • Fix connection to the dashboard when it is using self-signed certificate
  • Allow same API to serve both HTTP and WebSockets
  • Fix AuthFailed events when using auth plugins
  • Fix enable_key_logging for some proxy log calls
  • Fix using multiple python files in same bundle
  • Fix TLS handshake error: no cipher suite supported by both client and server
  • Fix policy changes not being propagated to OIDC keys
  • Fix reading binary bodies in python plugins

Tyk Dashboard 1.7.2

  • Added support for Redis 4 Clustering
  • Now you can disable “X-Forwared-For” header check, during login rate limiting checks, by using security.login_disallow_forward_proxy boolean option
  • Fix custom auth option in Raw API editor
  • Fix endpoint designer cache plugin
  • Use strong mongo consistency by default
  • Issue warning on boot when secrets are default
  • Fix developers subscription keys, when custom hashing algorithm is used
  • Fix developer portal reset url in text version of email
  • Fix setting event handlers on api definition over API

Tyk Pump 0.5.4

  • Added support for Redis 4 Clustering
  • Added support for configuring using environmental variables using TYK_PMP_ prefix

Tyk MDCB 1.5.7

  • Added support for Redis 4 Clustering