Tyk Gateway 2.7.1 and Dashboard 1.7.1

Tyk Gateway 2.7.1

  • Fix enable_key_logging to work for all log entries
  • Fix quota_remaining field for Tyk Keys API, which was also causing key quota usage not being displayed in Tyk Dashboard
  • Fixed usage of nested key metadata in plugins
  • Fixed JSVM plugins when used with bundle server
  • Significantly improved performance of basic authorization
  • Fixed default webhook template
  • Add support for caching OPTIONS requests
  • API rate limit now runs after token rate limit

Tyk Dashboard 1.7.1

  • Users now can change their own password without “write” permissions
  • OAuth clients page now does not require key permissions
  • Fix activation of disabled developers
  • Allow dashboard to accept port when setting portal domain
  • Show request IP address in log browser
  • Fix mock response plugin
  • Fixed multi-auth mode, which was not saving in some combinations
  • Various UX improvements
  • Fix swagger import “as new version”
  • Allow white-listing SSL ciphers for dashboard server, similar to the gateway, using http_server_options. cipher_suites
  • Notifications websocket port now honors min version and cipher TLS settings