Tyk Gateway 2.5.4 and Tyk Dashboard 1.5.4

Tyk Gateway 2.5.4

  • Improve key events propagation in Hybrid and MDCB environments.
  • Add access to metadata for coprocess post and post-key middleware
  • Add JWT token header claims to tyk context
  • Fix access to numeric JWT claims via context
  • Rollback close_connections behavior, now it controls only keep-alive behavior between client and tyk. Added new proxy_close_connections to control keep-alive between tyk and upstream.
  • Fixes token update when non-partitioned policies change access rights
  • Fix KeyExpired events
  • Fix Modify headers and URL rewrite plugins not working together
  • Fix response transformations when upstream use compression
  • Fix JWT when it was applying policy changes only on the second request

Tyk Dashboard 1.5.4

  • Allow specifying portal port inside domain field
  • Fix developer policy updates in Hybrid environments
  • Improve protection for creating admin users if no permissions set