Tyk Gateway 2.5.2 and Tyk Dashboard 1.5.2

New chunk of fresh fixes. Happy hacking!

Tyk Gateway 2.5.2

  • Fixed Hybrid/MDCB fallback functionality if RCP layer is down
  • Added support for Polices backup, when using Hybird/MDCB, so now you can use oAuth/JWT APIs even if RPC layer is down.
  • Added protection over potentially infinite grows of Redis analytics storage, if RPC layer or Tyk Pump goes down. Now you can configure expiration of analytics, in case if they are not processes, using analytics_config.storage_expiration_time option. The default value is 60 seconds.
  • Fixed statsd instrumentation panics happening on high load
  • Apply policy to the key when it requested via API
  • Fixed endpoint tracking if path is empty
  • TykBatchRequest Javascript function now respect proxy_ssl_insecure_skip_verify and mutual tls upstream certificates
  • Caching middleware now handle Etags, if cached upstream response contained them
  • Added way to force DNS cache flush, by adding new max_conn_time option
  • Do not expose HTTP handler if Redis connection not established
  • JSVM timeout now configurable via jsvm_timeout option
  • VirtualEndpoint now respect JSVM timeout
  • Support case when JWT policy modified for active token
  • URL rewriter now can use $tyk_context and $tyk_meta if they contain full url
  • Fixed support for Host header in $tyk_context

Tyk Dashboard 1.5.2

  • Now you can manage default API version from UI
  • Remove the link between API name and slug in API Designer when editing existing API
  • Limit dashboard languages API to only read language files
  • Lot of small UX features
  • Swagger import screen now shows all available APIs
  • Inactive developers should not be allowed log into the portal
  • Fix portal domain validation: now it can have more than 2 dots
  • Portal cookies now “httpOnly” and respect host_config.secure_cookies option