Tyk Gateway 2.4.1 and Tyk Dashboard 1.4.1

This is the first patch release for the Gateway and Dashboard after our major release 2 weeks ago.
Starting from this release we switching Docker “latest” tags to 2.4.X version.

Tyk Gateway

  • Fixed panic when both caching and detailed analytics recording turned on
  • Fixed caching when “Cache all safe headers” turned on
  • Fixed organization quotas in MDCB and Hybrid environments
  • Fixed various Python middleware issues
  • Added additional JWT check to validate policy on each request

Tyk Dashboard

  • Fixed usage of CORS allowed methods
  • Fixed portal login issues with users emails containing + character
  • Fixed adding webhook
  • Improved security of dashboard by changing “Cache-Control” from “no-cache” to “no-store, no-cache”
  • Fixed showing HMAC secret for keys
  • Fixed “Filter by tag” in Activity by API report
  • Lot of small UX bug fixes