Tyk functionnalites


Could you say me if this functionnalities are up to TYK ?

  1. Convert JSON to XML for the policies definition
  2. Access control to te APIs
  3. OAuth2
  4. OAuth2 generation keys
  5. Developpers documentation on the portal (and capacity to customize it like the Facebook Developpers page, or Google Developpers console ?)
  6. Portal API Store
  7. Lifecycle (Manage the lifecycle of the APIs like “development, test, production, deprecated, etc”)
  8. Raml support and blueprint support ?

Thanks for your answer :slightly_smiling:

RAML support is becoming critical, since support of RAML inside commercial REST api mgmt platforms (Akana, Mashery, Apigee, Axway, Layer7…) is masively being adopted.

You mean a JSON to XML converter for inbound traffic? Potentially, we don’t get many requests for XML support except from banks :wink:

Not sure what you mean with this? Tyk has a pretty robust access control mechanism

There is OAuth2.0 support in Tyk though not all flows are handled. You can do transparent third party OAuth SSO with Tyk Identity Broker

This is also supported as part of our OAuth server

Developer portal supports API Blueprint and Open API (Swagger)

We don’t support billing yet, but there is an API Catalogue on the portal, and you can specify a hand-off URL to take the key request before it is approved and hand off to a third-party app, the third party app can then handle the transaction and approve the key using the API to provisde the dev with a token post-purchase.

This is easy to achieve using API Sharding within a DC using tags, if you have isolated data centres / zones / clusters that you need to handle multiple environments in, you will need Enterprise SLA and our MDC Bridge

RAML: no, Blueprint: Yes

Martin, contact me regarding this if you want some insight - it’s what I do (payment gateways/processing/recurring billing).

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