TYK forward proxy


I would like to ask whether TYK supports network forward proxy. We deploy TYK on K8S, and the default domain cannot access the Internet. I need to add forward proxy to access the Internet when REQUESTING.

Hi @ZhangDaShao and welcome to the community.

I am not sure I fully understand the question but I guess what you are looking for is Proxy Settings in the API Definition

不是的,TYK网关部署在内网,充当网关中心的作用,当定义一条API ,协议为TCP时候,网络无法链接,需要采用正向代理服务器的方法出去,请问TYK支持全局的网络正向代理吗?

Are you editing the API definition via JSON or via Dashboard UI? I have attached helpful screenshots below. Hope this helps

API Definition

Dashboard UI


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