Tyk-Eureka Integration

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Hey Martin,

We’ve Setup Tyk successfully with occasional hassles and now we plan to implement service discovery.
We’ve implemented Eureka and are able to register various services with eureka.

Just need further guidance as to how to integrate Eureka with Tyk as eureka endpoint returns an XML of the Services that it has registered.


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Hi Balaji,

Tyk service discovery client does not support XML I’m afraid, you’ll need to use a JSON endpoint, see the docs here:


And the tests:


Looking (very briefly) at the Eureka docs I can see it supports JSON payloads.

I would also suggest searching on this forum as this topic has been covered by other posts before. Unless you have a specific question that isn’t covered by either the docs, change logs or other forum posts, that’s about as much guidance there is.


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