Tyk docker image

Just updated our docker image to pull tyk-gateway:v2.3.0.31. While inspecting the image I noticed the size increased from 99MB to 400MB. Looking at the docker file I see that the image is now installing ngnx and redis-server. Are there reasons these are being installed internally to the container now? Does this change the need for a separate redis container running?

Ah, that shouldn;t be there - nginx and redis are part of our hybrid containers, those were updated to handle lua, python and grpc plugins and were used as a baseline for the new gateway container - I think nginx and redis crept in as part of the migration.

I suspected they were an accidental inclusion.
Thanks for the confirmation.

Tyk Team

The latest Dockerfile still includes nginx and redis-server, Can minimally some comment lines be included for the ones that are required for hybrid installations vs otherwise?

Could you raise an issue in our GitHub tracker for this we can then add it to our backlog?

Removing the packages after installing them reduces the image size - approximately 50%. I have not tested the full functionality though.

Also the image size can be further reduced if built from scratch than ubuntu .