Tyk Docker Compose set up- where is the Dashboard?

I am a newbie to Tyk and I have just set it up using Dover compose instructions here GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-gateway-docker: Docker compose deployment to run Tyk OSS Gateway

All the tests it lists are working fine (i.e.
curl localhost:8080/hello -i ) but I cannot seem to load the dashboard. Is it even included in this install? I note that the dashboard here GitHub - TykTechnologies/tyk-dashboard-docker: Official docker build for Tyk Dashboard is marked for deprication, citing its part of the Tyk install, but when I visit localhost:8080 it says “not found”

What am I missing? Thanks

Hey @CousinLarry - thanks for trying Tyk.

I think you were trying the ‘gateway only’ install there.
If you want to use Tyk with the dashboard, you need to install three components - the gateway, the dashboard and Tyk pump (for analytics).

I’d recommend following one of the guides here, which will take you through all the steps required and direct you to the right packages or repos, etc.