Tyk Dashboard Organisation structure


We are planning to use Tyk Dashboard and Developer portal and I have been playing around with the docker installation. Have a few questions

  1. How do we create and manage organisation from the UI?
  2. There is no organisation information in the portal after login. Is there anyway that can be revealed to the end user and to the people administering the Portal using the dashboard?
  3. I want to import a bunch of APIs once into the portal and then expose a subset to different organisations. Organisations can be external and internal. From what I have read in the documentation that each organisation has a portal of its own. Is that correct?
  4. How do I create a super admin user that has a overview of all organisations?


You can’t, it’s API only

All org portals have their own domain and have some org information sent to them, you could use the CSS settings in the dashboard to alter logos for each org?

That is correct, you could import programmatically using the API, take a look at the bootstrap script to see how we generate orgs

Use the admin API to generate a new user and don’t set an ORG ID, this user can then see everything (but should not be used to write data except admin users)

Will there be any plan to have GUI for superadmin to see all organization?

Hi, this was quite an old post, so there may be another approach that works better for you.

The latest version of Tyk includes “user groups” within an organisation, giving you Role Based Access Control.
This thread is more concerned with a multi-tenant deployment.

If you’d like to share your use-case, we could provide some advice/suggestions?