Tyk Community Edition (Tyk On Premises) and dashboard



Is it possible to install Tyk Dashboard v1.x using the Tyk Community Edition?



You may run your own instance of Tyk Community Edition and use the dashboard.
Tyk offers a free single node license, check here!

What Tyk gateway version are you using?


Thanks a lot for the help


I’ve placed the free single node order but it’s still under processing. Can you help? My order id is #5196. Thanks.


Hi Yuan - you should now have your license. Apologies for the delay, licenses are usually issued within 15minutes.

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Is it still possible to use tyk community edition and use dashboard on single node for free for commercial use. the link provided in @matiasb reply is not availible now. (give 404 error).

In the tyk website in features section it’s mentioned that “Access to the Dashboard is available out-of-the-box, whether you’re using a free, SaaS or On-Premises version of Tyk. Helping you handle the whole API lifecycle at-a-glance; easily, intuitively, and with minimum fuss” but no link provided for free use except for developers only.