Tyk Community Edition - POC in Kubernetes

We are in the process of doing an POC for Tyk in Kubernetes (Docker EE).

Can anyone point out steps/guide on what needs to be done for installing the Tyk gateway in kubernetes.
Also, does any dashboard comes along with the community edition. If not, what should be best approach to evaluate the features of the gateway.

If anyone gone through this journey, would appreciate any references to any of the documents/links. Thanks a lot.

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Hi Magesh.
Thank you for your interest in Tyk! Here are some links for you to peruse:



To answer your question: Tyk Community Edition is API Gateway only, the dashboard requires a license to run.
If you have any other questions, feels free to contact me directly:[email protected]

Have a successful day!

Hello Mike do you have any documentation pointing out to a reliable deployment of Tyk CE raw gateway on kubernetes platform?