Tyk Community Call #1: What's new in Tyk 5.0, OAS, GraphQL, Helm charts and Developer Portal 1.3

Hello to all Tyk community members,

Thank you for everyone who joined our first ever community call. For those, who were unable to do so this time, here is the recording and some highlights from the session :zap:

During this action-packed session, our product managers, engineers, tech leads, and product evangelist covered a range of topics from #OpenAPI Specification to graphql, #helmcharts to #opentelemetry, as well as everything you need to know about the Tyk community.

What we covered:

  1. Why join the Tyk Community
  • To be inspired by the conversations, topics and projects within the forum
  • To discuss your own ideas and get feedback
  • To get support for your questions and issues
  • To stay updated on all things Tyk - product releases, community initiatives, events, podcasts
  • To get involved and contribute to the world of Open Source projects
  1. Who is the community for
  • Tyk users - Open Source and enterprise users
  • Tyk curious - those who are interested in trying and learning more about Tyk
  • API/APIm enthusiasts - those who are enthusiastic to learn and share about APIs and API management
  1. Community platforms
  1. What’s new in Tyk 5.0 - oas graphql udg
  1. New Tyk helm Charts
  1. Enterprise Developer Portal v1.3
  1. Tyk Side Project Fund
  • A micro-grant programme to help kickstart your side project.
  • Chosen projects will be awarded £500 each, which has to be used to move the project forward.
  • Registration page here: Side Project Fund - Tyk API Management
  • Deadline: Apr 30, 2023

Once again thank you for being part of the Tyk community - you are what makes it awesome!
We hope to see you at the next community call :smiley: