Tyk Clustering documentation

I’am new to tyk and I’d like to know if there is a documentation about the setup of a Tyk cluster. How to configure each node to make them share the same config …etc

Thank you

Right now I just finished my cluster setup with a six server redis-cluster (three masters and three slaves) with three tyk nodes using this redis cluster, balanced with nginx.
I’m using a file config install of tyk, without dashboard. I replicate all relevant files between tyk nodes (apps, templates, policies…)
Actually I’m sharing the same config between the tyk nodes, but I need to test this setup.
For you Martin, I put all six servers in tyk.conf (masters and slaves) It’s this correct ?

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Ok, nice. Do you have found a doc about that? A tutorial?

I only use the Tyk documentation and these links for redis cluster.


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And above your Tyk nodes I suppose you have a load balancer (HAProxy) ?

Actually I’m using nginx as load balancer, but ha-proxy could do the job also.

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Ok, and once you have your tyk nodes running and you connect to one node’s “Tyk dashboard” app, if you add an API, this new API will be shared over every nodes ?

Yes, the dashboard sends a pub/sub signal via the Redis DB to all the connected nodes to hot reload and fetch new data.

dose this feature support Tyk On Premise CE gateway cluster?

Tyk on prem CE doesn;t use the dashboard, but the redis pub/sub signal will still work.