Tyk-ce on k8s debugging

I’ve tyk gw and tyk operator on Kubernetes.
It doesn’t work properly as an ingress. Tyk operator and gateway logs are very poor.
Is it possible to change logging level of tyk-ce on Kubernetes to debug mode?


You can set the TYK_LOGLEVEL env variable to debug, info, warn in decreasing levels of verbosity.

I uninstalled Tyk Operator, deleted the secret.
Then I re-created the secret by adding following parameter and installed Tyk Operator again.
–from-literal “TYK_LOGLEVEL=debug”

Could you please advise is it correct what I did?

…nothing changed logs.

I have been struggling with path based routing.

I asked here Tyk operator supports or not path based routing, nobody answered Tyk supports or not path based ingress routing yet.

Hello @tirelibirefe !!! Thanks for your patience. We cannot set loglevels like debug on tyk-operator as there are only info and error levels which are already set in at a maximum level. So the logs which we see from tyk-operator is all the full logs we are generated and there are no hidden logs. This is how all operators using operator-sdk framework behaves.

Regarding your query on path based routing, yes tyk-ce supports path based routing and you can see a working sample listed out here https://github.com/TykTechnologies/tyk-operator/tree/master/config/samples/01-ingress

Thank you for all your answers @Cherry

I had problems with /path based routing but I’ve noticed that it was an upstream load balancer related problem and fixed it, not a tyk issue.

Thanks it works now.

Glad to know, everything is working now and sorted out !!!