TYK AWS solution with EKS & Oauth


We are going to execute a project in which a solution is proposed in AWS where the microservices are deployed in EKS and the Amazon API Gateway will be used. Cognito will also be used, applying Oauth 2.0 for the security of the requests (Requests originate from a web portal)

We are thinking of replacing the Amazon API Gateway with TYK (Open Source Solution without Dashboard) and we have some questions:

  • Should we install TYK on an EC2 instance or would it be more efficient to install it inside the EKS? Same for Redis instances?

  • Is it necessary or advisable to continue using Cognito or can TYK manage identities autonomously? So TYK registers the identities (users and passwords) and manages the Oauth flow completely, without any external integration. Would these identities be stored in Redis, filesystem…?

  • Can you give us some advice to modify the solution and use TYK with the best possible configuration?


Hi @javierpalopez and welcome to the community.

Your questions are along the lines of an architectural solution. I would advice you to take a look at our planning for production documentation and run PoC’s on EC2 and EKS. It would be difficult to give you proper advice since every environment is unique.

And yes, the identities are stored in Redis.

Ok, I understand, thank you very much for the answer, let’s analyze it in more depth