Tyk_analytics.conf login_page

I’m using Tyk in Kubernetes, 1.5.1. version.
So I’ve successfully deployed TIB in Kubernetes and I’ve created a login page.
Now, I would like to set “ui” “login_page” property of tyk_analytics.conf, but I’m kind of confused…

What parameters should I specify? Can you provide me with an example? I’ve seen it’s login_page:{}, but I don’t know how to specify the URL of my login page.


This property is actually to enable certain features of the login page, to have the actual login page redirect to your TIB setup, you need to set the sso_custom_login_url field to the URL you want to forward the user to.

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It works like a charm!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @alvarosIGZ

How are you getting on with Tyk and using TIB?

We’re always on the lookout for case studies of people using Tyk, as well as sharing tips and hints with the wider community.

Is there anything you can share about your experience with Tyk that others will find useful?