Tyk 2.0 and Licensing of 1.9


Tyk 2.0 is now released and has a new set of licensing models.
One part is that the API management dashboard is now part of the professional edition.
While using Tyk 1.9, are there consequences regarding these changes?


No Tyk 1.9 and Tyk Dashboard 0.9.x will still be available for download, but Tyk 2.0 requires the new dashboard (1.0) to work in managed mode and the licenses apply.

@Martin is 1.9 / 0.9 going to be supported in future for fixes? Quite surprised today to upgrade to 2.0 and then see the license popup on the dashboard login page.

v1.9 is now only left as a download option, we will not be patching it or maintaining it anymore (the last security patch was

v2.0 is backwards compatible with 1.9 but not with the old dashboard, however the dashboard (v1.0) is no longer free to use beyond a single managed Tyk Gateway node.

Ok good to know. We only have one node but we still got the pop up (offering free 60day trial or license), is there a flag I need to set or something?

You just need to get yourself a free license:

Click on “Get your free license”, fill in the details and you’ll get a 12-month 1-node license in your email.

Missed that, thanks!

One last thing @Martin , we have a local, dev then production environment, will that one license do the job for all 3? In each case they’re single node gateway setups.

You can have as many free licenses as you like, it’s 1 license per dashboard instance :slight_smile: