Tracing API calls

I am new to tyk api gateway, I am looking for topics about tracing API calls, i could not find any on the documents. is there a mechanism to trace the API calls step by step.
Your response is much appreciated.


There is detailed response logging which can give you the request and response payload in the log browser, however tracing anything further isn’t available yet.

Thanks Martin! where can i find the request and response logs? can you let me know the log location?

In the dashboard under the “Log Browser” option is where all requests are logged - you need to manually enable detailed request logging in the tyk.conf file before payload data is recorded as it adds a large amount of overhead to your storage requirements.

Thanks Martin. how do we enable the request logging in the cloud environment ? are there any options for cloud platform to enable the logging ?

Tyk Cloud and Hybrid do not support detailed logging because the dat volumes are extremely large, detailed request logging is only available In self-hosted installs.

Hi Martin I am looking to trace back the source IP for my API endpoints, basically looking to trace back who is calling the APIs. Has the answer changed since December 2016?

Hi Gdevendeull

Cloud and Hybrid don’t support detailed logging.
Our on-prem and enterprise SaaS offerings do.

It is simple to migrate, you can get more info on these options from your account manager either by direct messaging me here with your emal address, or emailing [email protected]