TIB Dependencies


I’m currently evaluating Tyk and I’m interested in the Community Edition. One requirement we have is to support OAuth password grants. It looks like this is possible using TIB, however the TIB readme lists dashboard as a dependency and the identity handler config seems to require dashboard credentials. Is dashboard actually required in this case? That would be a blocker for us since we have an existing dashboard/portal solution we want to integrate with.


OAuth password grants are supported by Tyk CE, unless you are trying to integrate with a third party OAuth provider?

TIB might not be appropriate here - yes you can use KT without dashboard (I think) but I’m not sure it will do what you need it to do.

Thanks for the quick reply.

To clarify, I want to integrate with a third party identity provider. I expect Tyk to generate any access tokens, but I want the resource owner user name and password to be passed to the third party and validated there. Tyk should generate a token if the third party IDP gives a valid response.

This seems to map well to the GenerateOAuthTokenForClient identity handler action documented here: //tyk.io/docs/advanced-configuration/integrate/3rd-party-identity-providers/

Am I understanding TIB usage correctly?

You would need to use the proxy provider in conjunction with the GenerateOAuthTokenForClient identity handler to make that work.