There is no data in Log Browser of Tyk Cloud

I create an api gateway in Tyk Cloud for demo, and I set Enable Detailed Logging checked.
But there is no data in Log Browser of Tyk Cloud.

I use an online mock api to test, and I can get correct response from gateway domain.
I set mock api( that it will return “Mock OK”.
And I get “Mock OK” when I use command “curl”.

Hi Raymond,

Thanks for posting your question here. It is indeed an intended behavior that you are not seeing a record in the Log Browser as you are using the Management Gateway API. You can see a mgw in the URL you are using from the dashboard: .

You need to use the the ingress / gateway / edge endpoint instead as seen in the Edge Gateways screenshot and make sure that you tagged / sharded your APIs .

Hi Page,
I don’t see any conf file described in the document in Tyk Cloud, like tyk.conf, pump.conf and etc.
And “” is the domain I call my API.
The domains of my operation dashboard are “” and “”.

@raymond, the configuration files like the one you mentioned are not available for the user to configure in Tyk Cloud rather, have you tried following this link in setting up your environment and deployments? You need to have the edge gateway as described on the Step 3 on the link. This edge gateway will have an Ingress URL that you will be using to call your API. As you will see in the screenshot, it should have the url with gw like this format : “”.
You will still create an API from your dashboard and be sure that your API was tagged or sharded. You can follow this video on how to call your API using edge gateway.

Hi Page,
I can view request in Log Browser now.
Actually, it fails because I lose a part of my API URI when I use the domain of Ingress.
Thank for your help.