Thanks Tyk!

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Sender:Luke Benson.
Date:Friday, 5 December 2014 02:58:04 UTC.

Hi Tyk Folks,

Just wanted to pass on a quick thank you. Our new startup has been mired for the past few weeks trying to stand up an open-source “API Management” solution but all the alternatives were killing us (time wise)…heavy-duty architecture and design, complex config that couldn’t be easily automated, way more enterprise than we needed.

I came across Tyk last night - 12 hours later, we’ve got a demo running in our kubernetes cluster and the whole process couldn’t have been simpler (and I’m just an ops guy). Maybe the only thing was the requirement to use the ‘requirepass’ configuration on redis…after I fixed it I found the fix in another post in this group (should have checked earlier).

In essence, what we needed;

  1. something fast to stand-up, particularly in our kubernetes environment
  2. securable with a minimal lifecycle headache
  3. infinitely scalable
  4. oauth2 integration
  5. other typical API management features/functions
  6. smallest technology footprint possible

We’ve had a look at our demo and Tyk ticks (no pun intended) all those requirements!

So thanks - as we start our new venture, we only have the 1 API and some simple use-cases. But your tool has gone straight to the top of the ‘will licence’ list, when that time comes. We’ll be following your roadmap with real interest.

Kind regards,


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Sender:Martin Buhr.
Date:Friday, 5 December 2014 12:56:43 UTC.

Hi Luke,

Thanks for the vote of confidence! Always great news when someone deploys Tyk and has a good experience!

We’re always keen for feedback and details about how you’re using tyk, so if you don’t mind I’ll contact you directly to maybe pick your brain a little about what you’re up to?