Support for Non-HTTP host

I have been trying out Tyk for a couple of weeks. I have found that Tyk supports only REST APIs and there is no provision for any other Protocol/Type. In my use case I have a legacy system that can only work on MQ protocols such as IBM MQ, Microsoft MQ, Rabbit MQ, etc. Is it possible to forward a request to a Non-HTTP host using Tyk Gateway?

Hey @selvamp As far as supported protocols, we support HTTP & HTTPS and mainly used for REST, GraphQL and SOAP, with documentation for TCP and RCP proxy also.

We also support WebSockets.

Depending on your use case, you might be interested in our middleware capabilities, for instance we have a plugin example (you can create your own also) that publishes to an MQ.

Thanks a million @James. Will look up the Custom Plugins middleware.

My pleasure @selvamp

Let us know how you get on, as this sounds like an interesting problem. Hopefully the community here can help you get things moving and avoid you being held back by a legacy system.

Lets say that I have a TCP Server; now how can I take the data (Headers and Body) and forward the same to a TCP Port, where the Gateway acts as a TCP client.
@James, please let me know your thoughts on this; would be very helpful.


Tyk can act as a TCP Reverse Proxy, the main benefit of using Tyk is that functionality you used to managed your APIs now can be used for your TCP services as well.

Features like load balancing, service discovery, Mutual TLS (both authorisation and communication with upstream), certificate pinning: all work exactly the same way as for your HTTP APIs.

There is a worked example here in the docs Tyk TCP Proxy

I don’t have any experience of working with it in this way, perhaps someone else in the community has some insights.

Thanks @James.
Lets hope the Community can pitch in!