Support for Multipart request

I’m trying to configure tyk to support file upload.
Any idea how to configure tyk to support file upload

I’m using POST to upload but I see the gateway will proxy the call as GET request. how can I proxy a POST request with form-data of type file? I’m using tyk version 2.4.1 and also tried with 2.5.2

Hi there!

Where can you see that the call will be proxied as a GET request? This should only happen if you’ve configured the Method Transform plugin to do this in the Endpoint Designer. Otherwise the method should be conserved

I checked the request on the target service.
I’m using API json files configure tyk - here is the content of my file

“name”: “USR”,
“api_id”: “users”,
“org_id”: “myapp”,
“session_lifetime”: 86400,
“use_keyless”: true,
“config_data”: {
“default_policy_id”: “default”,
“target_url”: “http://users
“proxy”: {
“listen_path”: “/users/”,
“target_url”: “http://usersservice”,
“strip_listen_path”: true
“disable_rate_limit”: true,
“disable_quota”: true,
“CORS”: {
“enable”: true,
“allowed_origins”: [
“options_passthrough”: false,
“allowed_methods”: [
“allowed_headers”: [

“version_data”: {
“not_versioned”: true,
“versions”: {
“Default”: {
“name”: “Default”,
“use_extended_paths”: true