Sneak Peek: Dashboard v1.4 UI refresh

Hello all,

We wanted to show you a little sneak peek of something we’ve been working on as part of v1.4 release of the Dashboard, a refresh of the UI. :tada:

We’ve been wanting to give the Dashboard a bit of a design refresh for a while, and given v2.4/1.4 is quite a big release, we thought it would be the perfect time!

You may notice the following changes:

  • The entire UI is more aligned to our brand
  • Font changes
  • Button styling consistency
  • Improved form styling

As well as this, there will be some UX improvements that will hopefully go a long way in making the Dashboard easier to use.

As always, we will continue to iterate with new features and UX improvements with every release, so stayed tuned for more!

Got any comments on the refreshed design, or any feature requests? Feel free to reply to this or post something new!

Nick @ Tyk


We’ve had to push this to v1.5 Dashboard release. It won’t be long though, we promise! :tyk2: