Since upgrade, dashboard can't find gateway

I upgraded to dashboard 1.4 and gateway 2.4 via the Ubuntu packages for my on-prem setup. I then ran the config scripts for both and restarted both services. The dashboard is not picking up the gateway - shows no active nodes. Gateway is definitely up and running. Trying to hit apis that I’ve got configured on my dashboard is returning a 404 from the gateway. It’s as if the Gateway is looking elsewhere for config than what the dashboard is. Thoughts?

Other clues…

tyk-gateway reports that it is loading 1 API in the syslog, and it appears to be reading app_sample.json.

When I edit an API definition in tyk-dashboard and click update, I get this cryptic dialog:

NEVERMIND. Had a major scrolling failure. I ran the setup script for the community edition, not the pro edition, whose instructions were further down on the page. I’m so ready for this holiday weekend to start… sorry, all.

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Happy holiday to you:)