Setup SSL with Tyk Gateway fail

We are using Codomo Positive SSL. We only want to use ssl for the gateway at, the dashboard stay outside of ssl. Is that possible ?

During our setup, we generate a cert file following Nginx installation (combine crt and ca_bundle into cert file), place that in tyk.conf of gateway but it doesn’t work. Log return
ERROR Instrumentation is enabled, but no connectionstring set for statsd
tls: first record does not look like a TLS handshake

Here is our tyk.conf related to ssl :slight_smile:

“http_server_options”: {
“enable_websockets”: true,
“use_ssl”: true,
“certificates”: [
“domain_name”: “*.api.the*****.com”,
“cert_file”: “/opt/ssl/api.the*****.com/ssl_bundle.cert”,
“key_file”: “/opt/ssl/api.the*****.com/api_the*****_com.key”


After reading multiple bug reports related to this error, I found that in most of the cases problem was when you query https service using http protocol. When you made dashboard work with SSL, it stops accepting non-https requests with this error.

Please ensure that it is not your case.

If this won’t help, well, you can try to implement SSL using Nginx or another reverse proxy behind it as a temporary solution.

Leon, Tyk Team

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