Setting up Tyk as a proxy / catch-all / pass-through

We are evaluating Tyk as an API Gateway as we plan the migration from a monolithic application to microservices. The easiest work flow for us would be to put up a transparent gateway in front of our existing application and all of its endpoints. Then, we can set up microservices 1 by 1 and update the gateway route by route. For example, a request to /users or /products or /orders on our new domain would simply be proxied through to the same routes on our domain. Then we would spin up a new microservice for users, update the Tyk definitions, and then map calls to /users to our new domain.

Is this possible in Tyk? I was able to define new APIs pretty easily, but I did not see a way to set it up as a pass through “wrapper” around an existing domain?

Thanks for any pointers.

Yes this is possible, you set an API up to listen on root (/) and set it to “open”, this should catch all requests.