Setting up TIB and dashboard


As I am a new user to tyk ,here some questions about setting up TIB and dashboard. Would you please help to solve the questions?

  1. What is DashboardCredential in profiles.json and how can I find it?
    Because I Install the dashboard in ubuntu server and cannot find any files which contain this value.

  2. Is the BaseAPIID equal to the API_ID of API definition in TYK gateway?

  3. As I want Tyk as Client to interact with other ouath provider, is it using the below request to add the profile in TIB?
    “ActionType”: “GenerateOAuthTokenForClient”,
    “ID”: “3”,
    “IdentityHandlerConfig”: {
    “DashboardCredential”: “{DASHBAORD-API-ID}”,
    “DisableOneTokenPerAPI”: false,
    “OAuth”: {
    “APIListenPath”: “{API-LISTEN-PATH}”,
    “BaseAPIID”: “{BASE-API-ID}”,
    “ClientId”: “{TYK-OAUTH-CLIENT-ID}”,
    “RedirectURI”: “http://{APP-DOMAIN}:{PORT}/{AUTH-SUCCESS-PATH}”,
    “ResponseType”: “token”,
    “MatchedPolicyID”: “567a86f630c55e3256000003”,
    “OrgID”: “53ac07777cbb8c2d53000002”,
    “ProviderConfig”: {
    “CallbackBaseURL”: “http://{TIB-DOMAIN}:{TIB-PORT}”,
    “FailureRedirect”: “http://{PORTAL-DOMAIN}:{PORTAL-PORT}/portal/login/?fail=true”,
    “UseProviders”: [{
    “Name”: “gplus”,
    “ProviderConstraints”: {
    “Domain”: “”,
    “Group”: “”
    “ProviderName”: “SocialProvider”,
    “ReturnURL”: “”,
    “Type”: “redirect”

  4. What is the use of ({listen_path}/toauth/authorize) ? Is it used for generating token, if then what is the parameter that I need to pass in?

Sorry for too many question, but I really want to develop with Tyk. Please help… Thank you very much.


This is the dashboard API key, you can find it in Users → Your User

In this case it is the base API that a token should have access to, this does not need to be the same as defined in the policy, but it needs to be a fallback in case the policy never gets applied.

That depends on the provider you want to use, example configs are here - for a full custom OAuth handler, you might need to use the ProxyHandler OR build your own plugin for gothic.

Not sure where you are finding this path?

  1. Sorry I am not quite understand that where I can find the dashboard API key in Users as I only have the above directory in ubuntu.

  2. I find it in

“One quirk with the Tyk API is that requests for tokens go via the base APIs listen path ({listen_path}/toauth/authorize), so we will need to know the listen path and ID of this API so TIB can make the correct API calls on your behalf.”

You must use the Tyk Dashboard for this credetial to work.

If I want to have this GUI feature, How do I get this? I have already install the dashboard as above.

Thank you for your support.