Setting Up Development Environment for Contribution

Hello Tyk Team,

I want to contribute a feature for Tyk for which I have to setup a development environment locally. I am new to go language and its environment so need community help in it. So far I had performed following steps.

# Installation 
brew install go

# Clone
mkdir ~/GoProjects
cd ~/GoProjects
git clone

# Setup 
mkdir ~/.go
export GOPATH="$HOME/.go:$HOME/GoProjects/tyk"
cd ~/GoProjects/tyk
go get

I can see that it pull up all import packages under ~/.go but end up with following error:

go install: no install location for directory /Users/nazar/GoProjects/tyk outside GOPATH

Now when I run command go run main.go its showing up following errors;

./main.go:171: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:309: undefined: OAuthManager
./main.go:309: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:364: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:373: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:456: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:477: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:507: undefined: APISpec
./main.go:511: undefined: APISpec

I believe its an issue with properly setting up dependencies of project.

Please help me out in getting started with it.

Hi Nazar! Can you run git branch and share your output?

Best regards!

I am working on master branch in my fork. Before starting work I merged upstream master to my master branch.

@Martin @matiasb Please help me out setting up and running the project so I can keep ball rolling.

When I run go run *.go I go following error.

go run: cannot run *_test.go files (analytics_url_normaliser_test.go)

You will need to

go build

As the run command will also try and compile tests


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That worked for running the project. Next step I tried to run tests go test oauth_manager_test.go it shows same errors again.

/oauth_manager_test.go:79: undefined: APISpec
./oauth_manager_test.go:80: undefined: createDefinitionFromString
./oauth_manager_test.go:83: undefined: APISpec
./oauth_manager_test.go:85: undefined: loadAPIEndpoints
./oauth_manager_test.go:86: undefined: RedisStorageManager
./oauth_manager_test.go:87: undefined: RedisStorageManager
./oauth_manager_test.go:88: undefined: RedisStorageManager
./oauth_manager_test.go:90: undefined: addOAuthHandlers
./oauth_manager_test.go:92: undefined: TykNewSingleHostReverseProxy
./oauth_manager_test.go:106: undefined: APISpec

I think its because of workspace setup. Can you please share your workspace directory structure and also your $GOPATH

My workspace is as defined by the golang workspace recommendations.

It’s pretty vanilla.

You can’t run the tests individually like that, you need to run

go test --run TestMethodNamePattern

That will run specific tests

Running the file like that means none of the rest of the package gets built so all the deps fail.

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@Martin Here is the PR for review OAuth - Multiple Redirect URIs by nazarhussain · Pull Request #285 · TykTechnologies/tyk · GitHub It will allow people to use multiple redirect uris for oath client. Also added two tests to make sure it works as expected.