Setting up applications


In other api vendors Mashery/3scale there is a way to create an application owned by a developer and then create keys associated to that application. Does tyk support the same setup?


my api would be called articles
my developer account would be called gannettdev
I would like to have an application called gannettdev-articles and then tie back an api key to that application

How can I accomplish this inside tyk?

Tyk doesn’t have a concept of applications owned by devs, only tokens owned by devs.

It’s an interesting thought but an abstraction we didn’t want to impose, If we do add it, it would be for OAuth only probably (this is on the roadmap).

Is there a way to manage tokens within the dashboard on the gateway or is it only done through the management api?

You can manage tokens on the gateway via the dashboard in two ways:

  1. If you know the token plaintext - you can look it up in the Keys view
  2. In the developer profile page, you can manage tokens associated with that developer by changing their attached policies