Setting up APIs and policies

I’m newbie to tyk and now reading the doc carefully.
Actually it’s bit hard to understand all the concepts so that can’t draw an image how it could be configured.

I’m using JWT. (and don’t have a plan to use key) It contains user id. With this user id, I want to separate the rate limit and quota.
For example, there’s 2 users A and B.

A can access to API-1 10 times a day.
B can access to API-1 5 times a day.

A can access to API-2 20 times a day.
B can access to API-2 50 times a day.

As I understand, an API has one type of rate limit so A and B should have same limit.
Looks like partitioned policies can solve this problem but don’t know how to use it and combine them.
Anybody can help me to solve this situation?
Thank you.