Sentry Configuration


We are encountering issues configuring sentry in Tyk gateway.

Actually we would like to be able to catch all of our 500 http errors of all defined API.

We have set the configuration by putting our DSN, and “use_sentry”: to “true”, but it doesn’t seem to work, at least not the way we are expecting.

Did someone manage to use it ?

Thx in advance.

Hi Guillaume,

When sentry is used it will capture Tyk errors, but not upstream errors. So it may be that it will not operate in the way you want to have it work in this case.


Alright, it is what i was thinking.

Is there a way to capture upstream error then ?

Only with detailed recording enabled in your tyk.conf, note this will generate a lot of data, because it captures everything, the request and the response payloads indiscriminately.

We already have it eanbled, but upstream error did not make it to sentry :frowning2:

Upstream errors won;t make it into sentry, only tyk-generated log events. If you want upstream logging you will need to use a pump.